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Edit:Yesterday Caramela Creation deleted my art from her shop, don't know about other people's art, but mine got out.

Also, she says she bought it from someone who said it was for commercial use. Aw, c'mon! It is fan art, ridiculously obvious fan art, it is supposed for not profit, not even my profit as the original artist.

In other news, I think I'll begin using a watermark.


(This made much more sense in my head. Well, I'm a fucking mess and I think 80% of the day in Spanish)

I thought it would be funny to make an inverse image search of this. It wasn't. I found an art thief.

Here's Caramela Creations' shop, it is paginated, so you have to get to the second page (or sometimes 8. It's a weir web page) and you'll find she's selling cases of my Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary pic. And  I suspect she's stealing from other artist too.

I hope she takes it away from her shop soon.

I also found the Official BBC America Doctor Who Tumblr rebloged the same pic, I mean, fucking yippe, don't I? Well, nope; they didn't gave me proper credit because the original poster didn't take the time to search who drew the pic, they already erased the original pic (just when I asked them to give me proper credit, wtf, lordsoflore?! I just asked you for proper credit, not to delete the post, you silly bugger), but the Official BBC America Doctor Who Tumblr didn't do anything, they didn't take the time to search from the source too, and they ask their followers to do it. WTF, Official BBC America Doctor Who Tumblr?!

Silliest thing, the post has 13,067 notes, my original post on my Tumblr has (drum roll) 29 notes.

C'mon, people! Don't be a dick?
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caycowa Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
That sucks so much. I saw your pic on the Doctor Who blog, and I thought it was yours but the source wasn't you so I then thought 'oh guess it just looks like your style la la la back to internet business'. :( I feel so bad they didn't credit you. 

The pic is still up thought, with no credit added. 

Seriously what the fuck, they'll just delete it rather then add credit? O_O. 

Is it possible there's another page that someone has reposted your pic on? I thought the DW log normally reblogs rather then reposts.  
whosname Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
The person who post it originally (and from where the Doctor Who reblogged) is pretty weird, I only asked them for proper credit, I don't even think I was rude nor threatening. People are weird.

When I did the inverse search I found lots of other Tumblrs with the pic, I guess that's the Internet way *sigh* Maybe my own fault for posting it on Reddit, even though I posted the source.

Also, I messaged the Doctor Who blog and @ BBC America on Twitter, but I guess it was useless, those guys should receive tons of messages an @s on a daily base. Maybe I should begin to add silly watermarks.
caycowa Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
Maybe put your url on the pictures? That way even when people repost instead of reblogging others can still find you. Also people might call the person who is reposting the image out as they'll see the url is tumblr and go 'hey wait, why didn't they just reblog from whosname?'. 

I mean yeah, most people won't be paying attention, but it might help. 
whosname Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013
oooh, that's a great idea! I haven't thought of that.

I'll do that, at lest it would help me feel better :P
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